Christel Kranick

When Christel serves a new client, she says she takes the long view – a life-long view! Her goal is to retain him or her for life — by building a genuine relationship with that person. No less. To do so, her thought is to, above all else, Listen, Communicate, and Fulfill. One or more of these elements should be going on at all times with you, her client, and many times over during the course of your relationship. That is her belief.

Christel spent many years as a Caterer, a Chef, and a School Nutritionist. Her take-away from those experiences is that the professional cook creates and flavors the food, but that meal is also shaped by input from the customer. Much of a successful eating-out experience is derived from a good match between what the customer wanted in the meal, and what the customer actually got. Christel believes it is the same thing with a client-Realtor® relationship. Her forte is taking her rapidly-expanding knowledge of real estate transactions and matching it to your specific real estate needs.

Satisfying you happens because she wholeheartedly applies her talents and tenacity to your wants and wishes. Whether you are a Home Buyer or Seller, what you get with Christel as your Realtor® is a Marketing Force. Make that a Tour de Force! This Realtor® Force of Nature is driven by her smarts, her organizational skills, her intuition, her humor and sunny demeanor, her German work ethic (she is also fluent in German!), and, above all, her raw desire to see you pleased — with the transaction, with her — at the close of the deal. She’ll have you in good hands from start to close.