Jeffrey Varga

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After being a competitive athlete the majority of my life, striving to win is hardwired in me. I understand the determination and persistence it takes to exceed what is expected of me. I will consistently overachieve to make sure I am reaching and exceeding my goals. I take pride in my capacity to multitask while staying focused on my overall goals. This makes me an efficient salesperson and allows me to maximize the time I spend selling. I am able to be fully present and also aware of what is coming next. My ability to multitask effectively allows me to be able to resolve problems as they arise. I am able to objectively evaluate and interpret complex instructions, regulations, and technicalities that may arise and deliver results that are within a prompt time frame—all while staying on track with my sales and my business. The reason I enjoy the act of selling is because it is a different puzzle every day. Each sale is a unique experience that requires quick and accurate interpretation. No two deals or clients are the same—and change at a moment’s notice. I have the skills needed to navigate these situations successfully. I have an innate ability to read people’s true wants and needs, I ask the proper questions, and am able to effectively personalize each sale. I feed off of this dynamic, which allows me to engage in and foster lifelong sales relationships.