Paul Murray

During the sale of or the purchase of your home there are a lot of moving parts. Showings, the home inspection, the mortgage process, the appraisal, the title work and settlement process, the local township or borough… all of these aspects provide an opportunity for something to go wrong!

So what should you expect during the process of selling or buying your home? You should expect that we’re going to be there for you! No matter the time of day, the problem or the amount of work that it may take to correct the issue, we’ll be there.

Communication is the biggest breakdown during the home sale or buying process and so you deserve a REALTOR® that is dedicated to making sure communication is open and simple.

We’ll schedule your showings together, we’ll work hand in hand with your mortgage lender to make sure we get to the closing table on time. We’ll help you navigate through the home inspection so that we get important concerns addressed in a timely manner. And through it all, we promise to break this whole process down into simple manageable steps.

Selling or buying a home is a very exciting time and so you should expect that we’re going to keep it simple, keep it moving and keep you informed every step of the way!

We’re The Paul Murray Team, and we’re a REALTORs® worth hiring!