Raymond Blackwell

When I first came to Pittsburgh, it was 1996. I lived at the old train station known as “The Pennsylvanian”, probably one of the most beautiful buildings in downtown Pittsburgh. I have been a professional singer for most of my adult life and came to know Pittsburgh architecture from singing in a lot of churches and venues around the city. The homes in Pittsburgh were rich with wood panels, steel railings and stained glass windows. A couple of productions I sang with Opera Theater of Pittsburgh were in mansions on Fifth Avenue and on the Northside. It became clear that Pittsburgh’s architecture came from a strong and competitive group of visionaries like Carnegie, Frick, Mellon and countless others. As I began selling real estate, I could see the influence of the legacy of Pittsburgh’s ancestors in the home designs from many different eras. The different neighborhoods of Pittsburgh have such an amazing history. I am proud to be in a city that has such a rich past and a vibrant future. So many neighborhoods have been restored, revitalized and developed into such diverse and captivating communities. It is truly a progressive, growing city and I’m so excited to be a part of it.